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lundi 17 février 2014

Moral dilemma

Ressources pour un cours de terminale DNL philo/anglais (lycée Charles Péguy, académie d'Orléans-Tours, Philosophy in English)

Marcus Lutrell: lone survivor

The incredible story of four soldiers in search of Taliban leader
Hiding in mountains, observing the presumed fighter's camp
They had to take a crucial decision:
Kill three innocent goatherds in order not to take the risk of being discovered by Taliban fighters
Release the Afghans and run the risk they would inform the Taliban fighters...

Only one survived.

The story has inspired a movie coming soon in France (January 2014)

Watch the trailer : 

Lutrell explains what happened, how Taliban fighters shot a US helicopter, killing sixteen soldiers and how he got rescued by Afghans.

Lutrell's interview :